What do I need to bring?

A laptop (fully charged is best)

A parent or guardian if under the age of 13 – don’t worry there’s plenty of tea, coffee and snacks provided to keep everyone happy!

Its a good idea to label your charger and your bag so that they don’t get mixed up.

If you can though you don’t have to, you can install Notepad++ before you come to CoderDojo.  Click here to link to it,.. its free

Also setup a folder on your desktop called coderdojo, its really handy when you need to download files onto your computer..dont worry if you haven’t done that as we can sort it all out when we meet you

It makes the first time much faster if you download Scratch  (its a picture based language to allow children to program)  which is free and we can get started straight away when you come in.  Click here to download Scratch. If you can’t download it, there is no problem, we will do it for you when you get to us.

For your first time, you will need to get your Mom/Dad to fill out a registration form.